The Internship Equation Report - For Educators Looking to Uncover Industry Insights for Today’s Evolving Market and Develop Strategies to Improve Student Outcomes

The Internship Equation Report 2024

Uncover Crucial Industry Insights for 2024 

Explore unique and exclusive insights from hundreds of global employers on the barriers to hiring and managing interns. Build effective university-industry collaboration and positively benefit students and graduate employability. 

Download this report to discover:

  • Trends and Barriers: Internship participation declined to below 50% in the past decade; learn why and how it has affected the supply of skilled interns.

  • Impactful Outcomes: 58% of employers believe interns do not possess the necessary skills; understand how to overcome these common barriers.

  • Strategic Recommendations: Uncover actionable insights for better collaboration between academia and industry to impact your internship programs positively.

Increase degree ROI for your institution and help your students succeed in 2024 and beyond. 

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